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Over my career, I have worked with countless thesis students and recent graduates to get to the next level in their academic and professional goals.  Here's what some of them had to say about their experience:

Dr. Haji’s guidance and knowledgeable feedback has been instrumental in the preparation of my thesis. She has also helped me prepare presentations for several international conferences. Dr. Haji is dedicated in helping students navigate and revise their work to meet applicable requirements (e.g., preparing proposal and defence presentations, formatting and structuring the thesis document, etc.). She has a refreshingly friendly and approachable demeanour. Her vast experience in research design and statistical analysis is apparent in the feedback she provides. Dr. Haji guides her students in a way that enables them to elevate their own work. I can’t thank her enough!

Samantha Stitt

It was a true pleasure working under Dr. Haji's mentorship while to completing my master's thesis. Completing a thesis is a daunting project but also an opportunity for real growth, and Dr. Haji skillfully balanced the role of providing support while fostering my independent learning. Her insightful and timely comments during critical stages such as study design, data analysis, and interpretation were much appreciated. Dr. Haji’s support helped me reach my potential and produce work that I can look back on with pride. 

Matthew Scott

The completion of my master’s thesis would not have been possible without the expertise and guidance of Dr. Haji.  When I began my graduate program, I was overwhelmed with the process of finding a research topic and a design that would address the questions of my thesis project.  Dr. Haji assisted with this process by providing feedback on my research ideas which helped me to refine them through a collaborative process.  Additionally, Dr. Haji assisted with a complex data analysis (multiple regression) and used a Socratic method to teach me how to interpret the results, independently.  I greatly benefited from the support Dr. Haji provided with research design, data analysis, and academic writing.  I highly recommend Dr. Haji's services to anyone who needs additional support navigating the research process.

Erika Galati

My academic coaching aims to promote clients' confidence in their ability to do their own work. Individual coaching sessions are customized to the client's needs to help them move to the next level in their academic or professional goals. Let's silence the self-doubts and move forward together!

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