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Hi, I'm Dr. Haji

I am a PhD social psychologist with more than 14 years experience supervising honours and master’s theses in psychology. For more than a decade, I taught university students research design and statistical analysis. At the university where I worked as a full-time faculty in the Department of Psychology, I was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor. My research has been published in peer-reviewed journals and scholarly books. I have also served as a reviewer for journal article manuscripts and as an evaluator for research grants and thesis awards.

After losing my mom and becoming a mom in the same year, I decided I wanted to focus more on family. I continue to teach university courses part-time. Thesis Doctor Inc. allows me to keep doing the type of teaching I love the most; mentoring students as they progress in their research and professional development. My expertise in psychology and my training as a life coach and time-management coach will enable me to better understand the obstacles that may be hindering your progress and support you in getting to the next level.

Academic Coaching?

What can you expect from my

Individual coaching sessions will be customized to your needs. You will specify your goals and I will work with you in a video session to figure out the steps required to achieve them. In laser coaching, we would work on one short-term, immediately pressing goal or challenge; whereas in a regular-length individual session, we would have time to work on things in a bit more depth. If you sign up for a coaching package, then we can work toward a larger goal or a series of goals and I can provide ongoing support during your journey. Group sessions will be organized around common challenges. You will get the opportunity to share your experience and get feedback and also learn from the experiences and feedback received by others.  Group members must commit to confidentiality, so what happens within the group, stays within the group. 

The values behind my approach are trust, self-efficacy, and expertise. First, I provide confidential support. Second, I promote self-efficacy in my clients, to help them silence their self-doubts and increase their belief that they can achieve their academic goals. Third, my unique blend of expertise allows me to suggest options, provide feedback, and help you come up with an action plan to get to the next level in your academic or professional journey. 

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You can do this!

Let's work together to get you to the next level in your journey. You may have a small goal or a large one, but we can figure out how to get you there.

Let me know how I can help

Contact me for information about upcoming group coaching or about other services. Let me know what interests you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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