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It's important for you to feel informed and comfortable before you proceed with academic coaching. Here are some answers to common questions about Thesis Doctor Inc. and its services.

If I already have a supervisor, why would I need your services?

The services of Thesis Doctor Inc. are not intended to be a substitute for a thesis supervisor. Your thesis supervisor, if you have one,  is the expert in your research area. Some students find that they need additional support in their academic journeys, even though they have a supervisor. Thesis Doctor Inc. provides confidential services to those who would like supplemental support or for those who do not have adequate support.

What if I am not sure if you can help me?

If you are not clear on how Thesis Doctor Inc. might be able to help with you academic or professional goals, you can submit an inquiry form for further information.

Do you provide a free consultation?

There is no free initial consultation. However, you can submit an inquiry form for further information. If you decide to book, you will be asked to submit a booking form with further details about you and your goals. All booking requests will be reviewed before confirmation. If your needs  fall outside my scope of expertise, your booking request will not be confirmed. You can also try out Thesis Doctor Inc. services at a lower cost by booking a laser session or group coaching session.

I am a university student currently in one of your courses. Can you accept me as a client?

No. For ethical reasons, I cannot accept you as a client if you are a current student in one of my courses.

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